American Rabbit

American Rabbit

About this breed:

The American Rabbit is a medium-sized breed of rabbit that is calm and kind.

It is currently regarded as one of the rarest breeds of rabbit and has been bred with other well-known varieties to create numerous others.

The American Blue and American White Rabbits, which come in blue and white variations, have remarkable mandolin-shaped bodies and are both tasty but tough (like a semi arch).

The American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA) in the United States recognises the American Rabbit, which was originally developed for its lovely solid-color fur (pelt) and for meat production. Large litters of baby American rabbits are delivered.

The American bunny makes a cute pet rabbit because it has upright ears rather than lops.

The American rabbit is not a dwarf breed; rather, it is a typical type of rabbit.

An American rabbit may be handled and stroked by even a beginner owner because it is amiable and laid-back.

One of the earliest known breeds of rabbit in the country is this one.

It is currently regarded as one of the most endangered rabbit breeds and is protected by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


This breed of rabbit is easygoing, low maintenance, and non-aggressive.

Keep in mind that rabbits are innately wary animals that are constantly alert for prospective predators and quickly startled by loud noises or unexpected movements, which could make them uneasy.

An American rabbit is the perfect pet because it is a very relaxed and calm animal. When sociable early on, it is friendly. It is not reputed to be hostile.

This type of rabbit is sociable and enjoys interacting with people, making it the perfect pet for kids who aren’t too rough.

If the rabbit wants to become a family pet or even a show rabbit for a fancier, it must be socialised early and trained to accept handling. The American breed of rabbits are amiable, intelligent, and biddable.


Only in the early 1900s did domestic rabbits become widespread in the United States. It is thought that the European Rabbit is the lone species from which all domesticated rabbits descended. Blue breeds of rabbits have long piqued the interest of North American rabbit breeding communities. A flawless blue coat was a goal for many rabbit breeders.

Lewis Hammond Salisbury (sometimes known as Lewis h. Salisbury), an American rabbit breeder in Pasadena, California, is credited with creating a multi-purpose blue rabbit with a dark slate blue tone for raising meat and fur in 1917.

It was challenging because some were created with brown areas and others had white hairs all over the coat, but he eventually created his blue benchmark for excellence.

German Blue Vienna Rabbit was the original name of this new breed of rabbit, which was regarded as the best variation of an American Blue rabbit. In 1918, the American Rabbit Breeders Association, or ARBA (formerly known as the National Breeders and Fanciers Association of America), swiftly recognised it as a brand-new domestic rabbit breed.

Due to its extraordinary dark-blue hair and mandolin-shaped body (with a semi-arch-shaped back), the American rabbit was given an official standard (pelt).

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